Reel Precision Mechanics LLC


We use the best GPS and machine automation via Above Par Tech to best serve the Mid-Atlantic and North East golf and turf industry.


Turn any color or brand into a turf GPS sprayer. Aftermarket installs, custom builds, or our ready built solutions. All are available and designed to fill whatever local needs you have. 


Reel Precision Mechanics offers a portfolio of GPS and machine automation products designed to optimize spray applications in the turf industry. Individual nozzle shut offs ensure that only the target areas are sprayed and nothing else.

Ag Leader’s Autoswath feature automates each nozzle to turn on when in spray zones and turn off when out of spray zones. Nozzles also automatically shut off when overlapping a previously sprayed area. All this is accomplished with no operator interaction. 


Turf GPS spray technology can decrease chemical usage by up to 25%. This not only positively effects a golf course budget, but also decreases potential runoff and other environmental impacts.

Year over year savings can be realized due to our repeatable sub-inch accuracy solutions. We offer various forms of RTK corrections and can work with various cellular providers to create the solution that is best for your area.


Accurately document and track all inputs used during turf spray events. All data and reports sync to a web portal that any user has access to on any internet connected device.

Easily share information to any individual. Getting application data to operators, superintendents, agronomists and consultants is now just a couple clicks away.

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David Gummo

Phone: (223) 800-8232


I started working on outdoor power equipment at 14 yrs old in a vocational high school. Once I graduated I went on to get a certification from Pennstate in the Turf and AG Equipment Service Technician Program. I have been a golf course equipment service professional for 20 years. Currently I’ve been at Sands Point GC for 9 years. I love to have the ability to precisely setup my equipment to provide the highest quality product. Reel mowers are precisely set up, everything to a thousandth of an inch accuracy. I have a lathe I use to true up rollers and a home made HOC gage that I hand scraped to less than .001in flatness using a surface plate. GPS brings a level of precision to sprayers that have been sorely lacking, but expected elsewhere in turf equipment.

I strive to maintain and learn the latest and greatest technology. Times change and we have to change with it. This led me to become involved with Above Par Tech and I became interested in the integration of GPS technologies, cross technology communication, data dissemination and the long term sustainability within the golf industry.

At Sands Point Golf Course we purchased Above Par Tech because it is currently the only system that has all the time saving features. From real time communication and updates between the two sprayers, to auto steer. These sprayers have saved us man hours and product. I developed a working relationship with the owner of Above Part Tech. Because of my interest in mixed technology, I was given the privilege of being the regional Above Par Tech representative.

If you want a consultation please contact me.


Phone: (223) 800-8232